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On November 17th, Mimi O'Brien and her family lost their home in the Pinehaven Fire. This fire was devastating to many others; not just the O'Brien family. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the O'Briens have been experienced such pain. Only 19 months earlier, the O'Briens were awoken in the middle of the night to their house being on fire. It took over a year for them to rebuild their home, only to lose it again a few days ago. Mimi is pregnant with their third child and is only weeks away from welcoming the newest member of their family.

Mimi and her family hold a special place in our hearts at State 36. Mimi and her mom, Debbie, are small business owners of The Lark in Reno. These wonderful ladies gave State 36 an opportunity to sell our products in their store when no one else was willing. Their support for small businesses is appreciated by not just us, but other local business that they offer in their stores.

To help give back to the family that has helped us so much over the years, we are donating 100% of the sales raised from The Lark products displayed here. These products are additional items from a collaboration we did with the ladies at The Lark. What better way to give back! Rock some Lark gear to show your support of their small business while all the proceeds go to help Mimi and her family!

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