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 Nevada plays a prominent role in our family's history.  My great-grandfather moved to the Reno area in 1917 for new opportunities and a better life. Since then, my family has watched the Silver State grow.

 As a child, my grandfather told me stories on our drives around the state. He told me about his experiences, the landmarks that stood the test of time and his love for Nevada. For him and our whole family, home means Nevada.

 As my college years approached, I had the opportunity to leave the area, but my heart wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t pass up the possibilities that were here in Reno. I’m thankful every day for staying in my hometown. I met my husband, Brandon, at the University of Nevada, Reno. As student athletes, we experienced the competition of Division I athletics while pursuing business degrees. When we graduated, we couldn’t wait to start our careers in Reno.

 Not only did our career paths keep us local but we wanted to raise our family in Nevada. Our children are fourth generation Nevadans. We are proud to raise them in a community with a rich history, beautiful landscapes and a thriving future.

 I created State 36 Clothing Co. as a tribute to my grandfather’s passion for Nevada and ambition for a better life. This business is a reflection of the love and support from my family and my desire to share Nevada’s history with all of those who love this state.

                                                                                                                      ~ Morgan

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