Nevada Day

October 31, 2016

On this day, 152 years ago, the State of Nevada was born. The Silver State is full of rich history. The State of Nevada was nicknamed the Battle Born State because it was created to help ensure President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election during the Civil War. In addition, Nevada brought a monetary benefit to the union as silver was being produced during that time.


Nevada’s accomplishments have included: mining of the largest deposit of silver in the Comstock Lode, construction of Hoover Dam - the largest public works project in the United States, the creation of the gambling industry, and the first state to ratify the 15th Amendment. Mining continued to be an important industry for the state as one of the producers of gold throughout the world.


Nevada Day is a good reminder of our state’s ups and downs. Nevada continues to rebound and reinvent itself based on the environment. This has shaped our state and made it what it is today. This day inspires me to remember how this state’s history has influenced my life and made me what I am today.


As many other Nevadans, my great-grandparents migrated to the state in 1917. My grandfather was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, along with my mother, myself, and my two daughters. As an adolescent, you don’t have the experiences to understand history or the value it holds. As I grew, my grandfather would reminisce as we took road trips through Nevada. He described the cities, landmarks, the changing skylines, and how things were done differently when he was a child. I loved hearing about his history that was so tied to this state, it’s buildings, and it’s growth.   To this day, I think of those stories and as I drive through Nevada, I constantly think of what used to be and what is to come.


As an adult, my appreciation for this state grows each year. There’s no place else my husband and I would rather raise our children. It’s our responsibility as parents of fourth generation Nevadans to teach, show, and let our girls experience as much of our state’s history as we can.


For those who preserve our history in Nevada, thank you! Without the conservation of many historical landmarks and educational experiences, our future generations would not be able to experience all that came before them.


It is important to move forward as a state and a community. Not losing sight of where we have been will keep us grounded and appreciative of all we have today.


We are Nevada proud.

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